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    Few questions about diet, carido, and post workout meals..

    I just got tested and Im 10.4% bodyfat.. I hate doing cardio, but I do box once a week.. I do abs alot 2-3times a week, and use weights 5times a week.. Now if I just tweaked my diet a bit, how long do you think it would take to get to 9%.. I eat good, low sugar until PWO.. I still eat white bread, white rice, and skim milk... Should I cut all these out completely.. ALso I cook alot in a fryin pan, but I use Pam spray to make the food not stick, should I use some kind of olive oil instead? One more thing, I left at Night and dont get done till 10pm.. I take my 80grams of sugar in fruit juice from and that is like 300calories, then I take my 40gram protein shake, and I feel soo full and feel like my stomach is getting streched and I feel fat.. Is that really making me fat? Oh, then by midnight I eat 5 egg whites, 1 yoke, 2slices of ham...Thats a good mix..

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    I'd check the cutting sticky above in this forum for a good general guide.

    As well, make cardio your friend, it not only helps w/true fat loss, it's key for the most important muscle our bodies have - the heart.


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