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    Scotty, beam me up

    higher kcal and extreme amounts of cardio

    Many competetive bodybuilders in sweden usualy use the approach that they rather walk of the fat then starve it of.

    A good friend of mine in the gym for exampel cuts on 5000+kcal/day and does cardio for 3 hours everyday. He is also the leaners mofo I have ever seen in my life but obviously he has the genetics to get lean. His reasoning is that it will be easier to hold muscle doing that...

    What is you guys oppinion on eating more and doing alot more cardio??

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    Only works for genetic freaks or those on tons of gear.

    Whenever you excessively exercise, there is no guarantee that you are not burning off some kind of lean mass. As well, over-eating does not assure your body that you replace or not lose that lean mass in the first place.

    It's very easy to get ripped w/a very strict diet and no cardio, but you cannot get ripped with a ****ty diet and tons of cardio. (Only in the cases above)


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    Quote Originally Posted by johan
    What is you guys oppinion on eating more and doing alot more cardio??
    Very boring!

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