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Thread: diet question

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    diet question

    I am on a tes prop, eq, whinny cycle...Everyday for lunch I am eating a sub, on whole wheat, roast beef, spicy mustard and lett, tom, peppers...Is it ok for me to eat this everyday because its hard for me to take a lunch to woek...I am also running 2miles everyday...thanks... I need a lil help wit my the was im 20 yo, 200lbs, 6'1, 13% bodyfat

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    are you trying to cut or bulk?

    post up your daily diet including when you work out and cardio, we will be able to help better

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    im assuming cut, bc of eq and win, depending on whats on the sub, it can be ok...whats on it..

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    If you are cutting and want the best results, I'd nix the sandwiches.

    Just my preference. Quickest way from point A to point B is a straight line.


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