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Thread: yohimbe

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    i recently ordered some yohimbe to take on the of weeks of my clen cycle.
    but i kinda researched yohimbe a little more and found that it could cause undesirable side effects if taken with foods that contain tyramine since yohimbe is a moa inhibitor.
    the point is that most foods contain tyramine.
    so can u guys please help me in choosing certain foods that do not contain tyramine. or should i just stay away from yohimbe?

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    FULLY NUDE!!! me!
    I took yohimbe about 6 years gave me my first stretch marks on my chest. I couldnt believe it, I never thought anything but juice would do that, but now, considering I ate like a friggen maniac and trained the same, that musta been it.

    But, either way, it worked for me. About the other shat you asked I have no fakin clue.

    merry crapmas

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