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    gaining size & strength while cutting - possible?

    is it possible? or just very very unlikely....

    i would assume maintinence is possible

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    Common sense friend, if you are cutting, you are not going to gain size.

    Sure you can get stronger in a sense but you should'nt see any major mass gains, if you see is probably due to the fact you losing BF.

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    exactly, you can still put on muscle while cutting, i always have gotten good stregth, but you shouldnt put on alot of mass doing it natty, but you will however look bigger due to the fact that you have less BF


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    i'm in the same situation .. wanna get big but i wanna clean up my midsection too, i'm at about 15-17% BF. I realize though, that to gain mass you have to consume more calories in a day then you burn, and to cut you need to burn more calories then you consume. So sadly the two conflict with one another, although i have thought what if your on a high calorie, high protein, low fat diet, where your consuming more calories then you burn, but the foods your eating are extremely low in fat? Obviously even when your bulking you don't want alot of fats.. but what if your diet just had the right amount of fat throughout the day that was just enough that your body needed? Either way to keep it simple i just decide what needs to be done with my body and do it, because common sense tells me with that theory that to bulk you need to consume more calories then burned, and to cut you to need to burn more calories then whats consumed, so its not really with that being said.... I figure at this time of year i my's well bulk and worry about cleaning up when spring comes.

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