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    Question The skinny on milk...

    Ok, so what exactly is the deal with bodybuilders and milk. In my opinion, skim milk and other low fat milks are probably fine as long as you're not trying to cut (because of the milk sugars).

    I've heard a lot of things, like milk makes you soft, or it makes your skin thick (less definition). What exactly is in milk that would actually make your skin thicker? Then i read an article like this,, and im not sure what to believe.

    The main reason im asking is because i HATE watery pwo shakes, so i use fat free skim milk instead. I also drink a fair ammount of milk throughout the day, too.

    Also, if the negative stuff about milk IS true, then everything would apply to all dairy products too, right? anyways, id like to hear all of your input (especially diet guru, swolecat), thanks!

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    Some people are lactose intolerant and milk makes them bloat.

    If you dont have this problem then there is nothing wrong with milk.

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