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    oatmeal and protein shakes STRICTLY


    im thinking of doing a diet that goes like this

    Oatmeal - quaker oats, very low fat, no salt or sugar

    protein (with water) shakes - 250-300g each day
    maybe some dextrose in PWO shakes

    im looking to cut down on some flab i have
    so im considering.... maybe 200g of carbs from the oatmeal, per day?

    6 days of diet, 1 cheat day

    i still wanna maintain my muscle... a lot of people i asked about cuting diets said 120g of carbs/day is about right. well im thinking of just waiting longer to get the cuts so i can build a lil bit of muscle at the same time with those 200g of oatmeal

    oh and ill be having some efa's too

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    That's all you're going to eat?

    Have no idea what your stats are, but that's high on carbs, your days off from training will differ from days you do train from a nutrient standpoint, and solid food (protein) is best when dieting. In addition, your pwo meals would want to be different too, as you need solid offerings after the initial liquid one.

    Whatever floats your boat, but you'd never catch me doin' this. I'd go psycho from boredom first.


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    LORDBLiTZ Guest
    Hmm... i know you'll get some good diarrhea from that diet.

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    Quote Originally Posted by LORDBLiTZ
    Hmm... i know you'll get some good diarrhea from that diet. thats my problem....

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