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    Bulking: where should my carbs be coming from???

    Hey guys.

    The protien shake that im currently taking has about 98gs of carbs per serving. I was told that i should be getting all my carbs from real food....does it really make a difference?....what kind of breads should i be eating. Also will eating whole eggs affect me from getting bigger? or should i stick with just whites.

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    Have you checked out the bulking sticky at the top of the diet forum?

    The majority of your carbs should come in your PWO shake and your PPWO meal. Use dextrose for your shake. Bread is not a great source of carbs but is ok in moderation if bulking. Use whole grain bread.

    Whole eggs are ok for your pro/fat meals, just don't use too many. Use a few whole eggs with your egg whites.

    Definitely check out the bulking sticky and post some more questions if needed.

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    I get a bit from potatoes and brown bread.

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    W/no information as to stats/goals/protocol followed, etc., who knows.


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