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Thread: Salami

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    Okay I know most of you probably jumped in here to pound me on this one, but let me explain my situation first.

    I don't get breaks at work and I can't get anything in to eat. They have vending machines, but they're all full of candy and honey buns and healthy shiznit like that. Anyways, I realized that I needed to get SOME sort of protein in over that 6 hour stretch, especially while I'm cutting, so I have started bringing 2 zip loc bags of 3 slices of salami, and 1/4 cup mixed nuts. I know its not ideal, but wouldn't this be better than just the nuts? All together, each "meal" so to say, has 13g protein, 6g carbs, and 23g fat.

    Okay now you're saying "why salami?"....well because this stuff stays in myh pocket from 4:30 to 6, and the other one from 4:30 to 9....I don't want to have a mushy a$$ turkey or ham slice fermenting in my pocket for that amount of time, so salami just seemed the way to go. Let me know what you think guys.


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    thats not enough protein in each meal IMO... What kind of job do you work at where you can't sneak off and pound a can or two of tuna?

    You could always bring a shake and grab it when youre taking a piss

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    coolers are worker's best friends...i have a nurse for a client that can sneak off during a 12 hour shift to eat some chicken or slug a shake...and she has had days where she doesnt get a bathroom break unless she asks.

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