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    A lil help w/ diet

    currently 195, 5'7, 26, around 12 bf or less for now...

    Ok, my diet worked great last yr... for my own knowledge i'd like to know
    what would happen if i altered the diet in the means of fat and protein...

    meaning... i used to eat around 2,500 calories a day last yr, most of the calories coming from fat and pro.... little carbs (about 150 and under a day, pwo meals)

    my question is.... if i have all my protein in for the day and say i had more carbs than fat, or more fat than carbs and i kept the same 2,500 calorie total, would it be the same? I would think not... but why?

    what would my min fat intake?

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    If your eating more fats than carbs, it would be assumed that you were on a cutting diet. More fat intake=fat loss.
    For bulking pro/carb/fat= 40/50/10 of total calories!
    For cutting pro/carb/fat= 50/20/30

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