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    I just started taking these new meal replacement shakes...There real good..They around 280 cal. 50 grams of protein no sugar and like 2 grams of fat....The only problem is they have around 11 grams of carbs....I need more!!! My ? is what kind of things can I add to give it a carb boost? Thanks...

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    Depending on when your using your shakes you can easily boost your carbs with fruit or fruit juice. Just remember that those carbs will elevate your blood sugar and if there are carbs in the blood stream in excess of what can be forced into the muscles for storage then insulins secondary job is to slow the rate of absorbtion by storing some a fat. After a workout that would not be a problem, but if you drink a shake at a time that you're not active and then remain that way for a while then you don't need the extra carbs.

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    once again it depends on when you have them. If you are having the shake in the morning - 11g carbs is very little and it can almost be used as a protein shake. Have it with a side serving of oats for example, with just a little less oats to compensate for the 11g carbs. If you are having it postworkout though, add things like honey, maltodextrin powder (best postworkout carb source), or other good postworkout carbs, preferaby powdered ones to mix into the shake

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    are you looking to put on mass? if you do carbs are your friend. i got something thats packed with carbs and tastes great. Try going your local nutrition store and buying a suppliment called "N-LARGE 2". It has 52 grams of whey protein, 89 grams of carbs per serving.
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