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    Soy protein isolate

    I just finished making my own muffins using CarbSense Pancake mix. Only thing is that its soy protein isolate. Is that good protein to have?

    Heres what I did, follower the receipe on the box;

    -1/2 cup of the mix
    -1 tbsp of Eudo, instead of vegy oil
    -1 egg
    -6 tbsp of water
    -3 packs of splenda
    -half of scoop of banana prolab advance (12g pro)

    tast prety good, the combined pro of the box and prolab comes to 41g pro, 3.5 carb and 15g fat. BTW, im using these for a pro/fat meal. Here is a link to the exact product I used....

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    For a man? Soy is ****ty sorry

    Might want to post the recipe in the recipe forum above.......

    Why not replace the soy protein isolate with whey protein isolate?

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    Most men don't use the soy because soy promotes estrogen. Estrogen = man boobs.

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    Very true stay away form soy

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    though i dont recommend that soy be used on a regular basis, in moderation you most likely wont see the estrogen side effects....hell sweet potatoes have phyto-estrogens in them and i'd be willing to bet a lot of us (myself included) eat them often. you'll never see me chug a soy shake or drink soy milk, but eating a muffin EVERY NOW AND AGAIN will not grow boobs.

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    No soy for this boy.

    I do agree with bigsd though, what he said is indeed true.


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