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    good cheap foods for a mass program???

    okay i know tunna, eggs, potatoes, oatmeal, brown rice, bagels are all pretty cheap and are pretty good for bulking can u guys think of anyhting thing else i could look for at the store??? i get tired of eating the same old thing all the time, also i was gonna use protien powder and mix it with Maltodextrin to make meal replacements is that okay to do? i feel its a easy way to get over 600 cals in a meal which i could use for 3 of the 6-7 meals try to get in. its very low in fat and sugar and alot cheaper than MRP u can buy. All by the way im college thats why i im look for cheap healthy food cause i dont always have alot of cash and have alot of time to prepare meals. So anyhting else i could to or lookfor at the store???

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    maltodextrin would be like adding pure sugar into your could use oats in ur shake for a better carb source...also bagels arent really all that great as a source of carbs...the key is to find a Sam's club, Costco, or BJ's because you can buy your food in bulk and save $$$

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    Like mentioned above, try to buy it in bulk if possible. Peanut butter is also very cheap and good for bulking. Bags of chicken too.

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