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    daily caloric intake???

    okay guys i know that diet is very important in trying to gain lean mass. and from what i understand it is best to eat 6 times a day and take in 3500+ cals/day. so i have been trying to do that, but i figured it would be best if i could first master the eating 6 times a day thing. so for the past 3 weeks i have eaten no less than 5 meals a day e/d. now i wanted to up the calories so that i can gain some weight. but i have no idea what my caloric intake is right now so i was wondering if you guys could give me a rough estimate as to how much i have been taking in, or at least lead me in the correct direction so that i can figure it out myself.. heres my daily diet (roughly)

    8 am 1 bowl of oatmeal, 2 hard boiled egg whites
    1030ish 4 more hard boiled egg whites 2 cans of tuna w/ teaspoon of mayo
    1230ish 8 ounces of egg noodle pasta w/ ragu sauce
    300 banana and apple (i have a 4 hour class and dont have time for much)
    5pm chicken breast with one cup of white rice
    7 protein shake w/ 3 scoops of 22g protein/scoop
    and if im still hungry ill throw in a peanut butter sandwich
    i just want and idea of how much more im going to have to eat to gain weight.. thanx guys

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    2,186 (its a calorie counter and online food journal)

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    This is also a good website for finding out nutritional information on foods.

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