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    I was goin to use Deca but Ive decided to put it on hold

    I'm 20 yrs old 5"10 185 with 17-20 % b/f and need a good diet to help me cutt the fat .... im doin a lot of cardio right now trying to go 5 days a week on that but i need some sort of fat loss diet to help me out .. im also lifting so i have a lot of protein planned ... if some one could work up a weekly schedule of meals that might help me out i would appreciate it ... any tips u know about diet rules could help me a lot.

    Mind you I used to be pretty solid when i worked out in high school with football but over the last 2 yrs ive slacked off in college and havent ate right so dont dog me to bad on the pic i know i need work .. im just trying to get some info from people who know better than i
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    Quote Originally Posted by SwoleCat
    ****it Swole, you keep beating me to it. One day i vow to post that day.

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