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    what do you guys think the macro breakdown is of what I ate today?

    Meal#1 8:15am: 40g protein shake and a gatorade
    #2, 9:00: eggwhite omelete w/ mushrooms and cheese, 1 pancake, big bowl of grits, and apple with peanut butter
    #3, 10:15: about 8 oz of pork loin, broccoli, and 1.5 cups brown rice
    #4, 12:15: 6 oz roast beef, a bunch of taco salad w/ meat and beans, 1 cup brown rice, broccoli
    #5, 1:45: Muscle milk shake made w/ milk, 1 cup yogurt, 1 scoop protein, 1 cup oatmeal
    #6, 4:00ish: 3 pork chops & 6 oz roast beef, 1 cup rice, and brocolli
    #7 6-6:30: 40oz high protein smoothie from smoothie king w/ 60g protein and 90g carbs
    #8, 8:30: 2 grilled turkey and cheese sandwhiches made on a grilled cheese maker...yum, even makes them in triangles LOL
    #9, 10:30pm: 10 eggwhites and 2 cups of raisin bran w/ 2 cups of milk
    #10, 12:30-1ish: 1.5 cups cottage cheese and 1 cup yogurt

    I am obviously bulking. Weighing in about 245lbs right now, just thought I would share this late night when there isn't much traffic, something to look at I guess. Have a good night everyone. BTW, usually a lot of the roast beef and pork would be substituted with chicken or fish, but I didn't have much of a choice today, and about 9 caps of flax were thrown in throughout the day as well. How much cals/pro/fat/carbs do you guys estimate this to be at? I suck with that stuff.

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    Here you can do it yourself

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    2,186 is the other good one.

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    Yeah, use those, because that would take too long for me to figure out.

    Surely you know your breakdown right? You should choose a breakdown first, then incorporate the foods. The current method you are going to employ is backwards.


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