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    need help/ advice with diet and workout

    I just got back from getting my body fat checked and i was extremly dissappointed. my body fat was higher then i expected and my muscle mass was lower then i wanted. This is the routine ive been following. i got it from researching here and think it is fine and dont want to change anything if its good..
    45-60 mins cardio with heart rate in 65-75 percent every day
    1scoop whey with 5egg whites and 1tbs olive oil
    2-3 hours later
    4oz lean steak, 2oz chicken, 2tbs natty pb
    2-3 hours later
    4-6 oz ground turkey 2tbs natty pb
    2-3hours later
    heavy lifting two muscles every other day or more when needed
    pwo shake, 40gramswhey 40gm dex 40 gm maltodextrin
    2 hours later 1 can tuna with mayo and 1/2 cup oats
    Not everything is set in stone here, i usually add veg to different meals and more protien when i can ...this is just my base that i work with. I dont count the calories but it comes out to usualy over 200 grams protien 50-75 grams fat and little over 100 grams carbs.
    Does anything seem wrong or anythig that needs to be changed. please help if u can.
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    your mixing carbs and fats with your mayo oatmeal combo


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