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    carbs for pesach

    ohmegod, I heard those dreaded words again from my mom : "it's pesach tomorrow" aarrrgggg. I just wanna know if any jews (or non-jews ) have any suggestions for good carb sources during pesach (passover) besides vegetables. matzah is purely wheat and water - but refined. I do eat wholewheat matzah, but cardboard really isnt that appetising

    any suggestions?

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    Re: carbs for pesach

    Cool . . . What a wonderfully esoteric post.

    Anyway, the problem is not as bad as you might expect. Remember that the primary ban at pesach is anything made with yeast. So other than putting the bread aside, you do have some flexibility. Depending on how wide a variety of pesadich foods you have available in your neck of the woods (and the thought of such goodies in South Africa never occurred to me), you can simply switch over to cakes and cookies. (I never figured out what makes them pesadich, except for their obnoxious dryness, since cakes usually don't have yeast anyway).

    And do you honestly mean to tell us that you have never had fried matzoh? It's a culinary delight (See, bro? Ya got me in chef mode now) . . . Crack a few boards of matzoh and put them in a bowl of hot water to soften. Beat up an equal number of eggs and add a little coarse ground pepper. Then strain the matzoh in a collander and mix with the eggs. Cook the whole thing up in a frying pan as you would an omlet (flipping it over once or twice*). Serve it with jelly or, even better (although not as healthy), powdered sugar. If you want some variety, fry up some onions and add them to the mix before cooking. (Mushrooms or green onions also work.) You'll never think of matzoh solely as dry again.

    - TNT
    Who has 40 lbs. of matzoh sitting here because
    one local supermarket has been giving away two
    five-packs - one domestic (Manischewitz) and one
    imported (Yehuda) - for the past several weeks
    if you spend $50. I'm pesadich out the gazoo at
    this point.

    * Hidden trick: When you're ready to turn it over, put an upside down plate on top of the frying pan and turn them both over together. Then slide the matzoh from the plate back into the frying pan. That way it won't break.

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    hi there,

    well we do have plenty of things here, its just the basics of my diet which are actualky banned: wholeweat breads, oatmeal, cereal etc. BTW I do know fried matzah I'm actually israeli, and just a little bit of yissihe vocab for yall - its called (pronounced at least ) matza brait

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    Funny, I am always trying to figure a way to stay away from carbs on Passover.

    Potatos, rice, or fruit. Aunt Betty's mondle bread made from motzah meal.

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