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    Opinions on my bulking diet plz

    First off my stats are 5'7 180lbs 15% bf 21yrs old

    Im trying to make this as clean as possible and keeping fat gain to a minimum.

    Meal 1 Pro/carb
    2 slices of whole wheat bread
    1/2 cup of oatmeal
    8 egg whites 1 full egg
    Protein shake

    P=55 C= 50 F=3

    Meal 2 Pro/Fat
    2 cans of tuna 1 1/2tbsp of mayo.

    P=55 C=0 F=14


    Meal 3 PWO
    Protein shake with dextrose

    P=50 C=100

    Meal 4 Pro/Carb
    Chicken breast
    1 cup of Brown rice
    Some brocolie and colieflower

    P=30? C=50 F=0

    Meal 5 Pro/carb
    Extra lean turkey burger
    2 slices of whole wheet bread. (should I add more food here?)

    P=30 C=25 F=3-5

    Meal 6 pro/fat
    2 slices of frozen fish
    (there cup up in squares come in a single package)

    P=30 C=0 F=8 Should I add some almonds here, to bring the fat up a lil?

    Meal 7 pro/fat
    2 Cans of Tuna
    Sliced up pickles and a lil pickle juice.
    Handfull of almonds

    P=55 C=0 F= 15

    Meal 8 Before bed pro/fat
    Protein shake
    1Tbsp of Flaxseed oil

    P=40 C=0 F=15

    Total P=345 C=225 F=58 give or take

    This diet is like a full time job, I hate when im late for one meal because i have to stay up a bit longer so I can eat the rest of my meals lol

    Id appreciate ur guys help on this let me know what you would change or add if you think my protein, carb and fat intake are good or not.

    Thanks for taking the time to read everything.

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    Looks good to me bro, make sure that all equals about 3000 cals a day and good luck! You might want to try some casein protein shakes in place of your normal bed time shake though, just a suggestion.

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    Hey splinter ill look into that Casein protein shakes thanks.
    Any one else? how does it look?

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    Looks good

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    Yeah looks like a tough one to follow lots of tuna. Which will get boring after a while. Other than that good luck.

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    looks solid IMO. . def add the almonds in that meal to bring up the fat. also IMO u dont need a caseine protien. . .its slowed plenty by the fat


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