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    Question Getting fat or something.........

    Currently what I am taking:

    30mg D-bol/day
    500mg Test e 250/week
    200mg Deca 300/week

    Got off D-bol about a week ago and have about a week fo Test E and Deca left. My question is that I have gone from 174lbs to 196lbs is about a month, problem it seems to me that I am getting alot of weight in my stomach area. Is this mostly water? Or is my diet wrong?

    Also it looks like I am already losing my gains since I got off the D-bol, is this normal of should I be eatting more? I just dont want to start looking fat!

    Could someone give me some advice for a good diet, per what I am taking!

    Thanks alot guys!

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    A diet now that you are almost off of what you are taking?

    How do we know if it's water or diet w/no pics, and no DIET posted?

    Diet first, gear last.


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