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Thread: Carbs anybody?

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    Carbs anybody?

    Ok i posted a thread about my diet and i got so many replies about the carbs and such.. someone said first 4 meals should contain carbs etc.. and 1 can of tuna day is enough? if im goin to have a meal every 3-4 hours dont u think im very limited to food types? tuna/eggwhites/chickenbreasts etc .. and as for carbs should i only intake carbs before my weight training and after it? will oatmeal do ? like half a cup with water.. and i did not post the same diet as people said i modified some parts of it i still dont know how to go on this diet.. i wanna cut up really bad my belly is huge but ive gained so much muscle as well.. if u know what i mean.. starting clen /thermo tomorrow and 40 min cardio everyday right when i wake up .. it would be very helpfull if someone could post me a diet that will for sure help me loose fat and keep muscles.. i weight train every other day and cardio everyday.. thanks guys..

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    LMO's advice to you in that thread was spot on... listen to him.

    Also, there is nothing wrong with having more than 1 can of tuna per day... don't worry about the mercury poisoning as was told to you in the thread... but, I would not use it for your sole source of lean protein... chicken, venison, steak etc... are quite suitable as well...

    Additionally, you should eat more frequently than every 3-4 hours as well... every 2-2.5 hours is preferred...

    Use the cutting sticky, I'm sure with some slight alterations it will serve you very well... and you'll notice the meal structure provided...

    Post cardio, it is often suggested to ingest a pro/fat meal, and to keep most of the carbs you ingest for the day to PWO/PPWO... as LMO pointed out; However, for arguments sake, I prefer to ingest a pro/carb meal post cardio... simply because I need the added energy... what works best for YOU is what is best, everyone is different...

    Also, remember to split up your cardio and weights...

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