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Thread: fat burner help

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    fat burner help

    which one is better here down here in canada thermomaxxx or xtralean , or is their any other fat burner out there that is better. lipo 6 and which is better ephedra sincia the actual root i belive of ephedrine hcl . and does synepherdrine burn fat as well thanks

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    Canada Ehh...
    cardio, and good clean diet is the best fat burner

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    I've never used any of those bro...
    If you're wanting to save some $, you could make your own thermo's from bulk powders, and cap them... Green Tea, Taurine, Caffeine, and Yohimbine is favoured by a few on the board, and works well.... just an idea...
    I'm personally just too cheap to spend the money on those brands...

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    Exclamation Got Fat Ta Burn

    Could someone please give me some recipies on how to make my own thermo's? Where are some of the best places to get the ingrediants?
    Thanx, Fellas!

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