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    1 Cheat Meal A Day?

    I'm eating crazy amounts of tuna, chicken and all that garbage, but I'm finding it hard to accumulate calories with that stuff. Yea I know I can simply eat more of it, but its hard to stomach three cans of tuna per day... I'm not trying to get shredded, just do a relatively clean bulk, nothing sloppy (Lee Priest). So would it be alright to have one cheat meal a day, like for example tonight my girl made me baked ziti but I dunno if I should eat it.

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    Just depends on your body type..... I know guys who can eat **** all day long and it all is burned off or turns to muscle. I also know people like myself who can't eat junk food on a daily basis without getting fat. You know what your body can and can't handle, just do what works for you. If you start getting fat cheating once a day, then don't. But remember bulking leaves a lot more room for error and new foods than cutting does, so why not try and make meals that you enjoy but aren't necessarily cheating?

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    If you find you have to cheat daily to gain weight, you need to re-think your approach.


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    Unless you want to resemble your avatar the answer to your question is NO. One cheat meal per week is sufficient.

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    what do you guys consider a 'cheat meal'? i mean, there are all some things we definitely know are bad, but i think there is a bit of a grey area on some foods.

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