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    College Student Needs Help With Diet

    Hey guys, I was hoping that some of you diet experts could analyze my current diet. I am all natural at 18 years old and have been dieting and lifting really seriously for about a year and a half(working out for about 3 and a half). I now weigh about 187 pounds at 5'11" but I feel like it is getting harder and harder to make gains. It is rather hard for me to put on weight and I lose it easily. Anyhow I have been using this diet for about a month with pretty good results, but I wanted to get it perfected. Any suggestions would be great but keep in mind I am a freshman in college and money is hard to come by.
    Meal 1 Protein/Carbs

    X Rated Weight Gainer
    1 Cup Reduced Fat Milk
    3 Eggs

    Meal 2 Protein/Fats

    Burger King Fire Grilled Chicken Salad (on campus at this time so it is my best option)
    .25 cup Olive Oil

    Meal 3 Protein/Carbs

    Chicken Breast
    Peanut Butter Sandwich

    Meal 4 Protein/Fats

    Grilled Steak
    1/2 Cup Green Breans

    Meal 5 During Workout

    Whey protein w/ water

    Meal 6 15 minutes Post Workout

    Chicken Breast
    Peanut Butter Sandwich

    Meal 7 Protein/Fats

    Whey Protein
    1 Cup Reduced Fat Milk

    Meal 8 Before Bed

    X Rated Weight Gainer
    2 Cup Reduced Fat milk

    *This equates to 4077 Calories, 152 grams of fat, 283 grams of carbohydrates, and 379 grams of protein per day.

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    So, you're bulking, correct?

    Give this a read bro:

    After reading it, you'll see why there are a lot of problems with your diet, and you can use it as a base to create your own plan.

    Make a better attempt, and then the gurus will be able to critique it... the one you have presented has alot of problems which the thread I posted for you will hopefully be able to sort out, plus, you'll probably learn something ...

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