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    Insulin levels PWO with F/P meal

    Last week I replaced my 2 PWo carb meals and had 1 pwo meal of 80 G. dextrose and 40 G. of whey. I followed that up 1 hour 40 min. later with whey, peanut butter, flax and eggs. I had strength gains and was alot leaner over that 6 days stretch. Is this acceptable. I have read all the stuff but it seems to feel better for me. What do you all think. the last meal of the day was about 45 protein and 25 fat.

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    I think the insulin levels may have dropped 1hr40 after the PWO shake but I think it is too long afterward for the PPWO meal. I would say 45-60 minutes should do it at most. Also, make use of the time you have to get some carbs in, even if a smaller amount than usual. Perhaps try making the PWO shake smaller (say 60g dex 30g whey) and an hour later having a P/C meal with 20-40g complex carbs and protein.

    What it your schedule like though - is there a reason you wanted the meal to be P/F? Is the PPWO meal the last one of the day?

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    I prefer two pro/carb meals to replinish glycogen stores and aid repair.

    To each his own however, do what works for you.


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