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    I apologise for asking this but...

    Can some people give me their esimates for a BMR on a 6'1 -6'2 214lb male.
    I know i can find out myself but that is exaclty the problem. I used 2 online calulators and got 2300cal, i udes that # to structure my diet for one week, then i use the calculator on the front page of this website and get 2700-2800.
    That is an insane difference. So it would help me out if i can see what some other ppl come up with. I would hate to be eating 1k under my BMR a day AND doing 500 cal of cardio AND lifting. I would destroy my muscles ;.;

    Thanks in adance for any help i get ^_^

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    The 2300 value is for a female, 2800 looks right.

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    Thank you thank you.

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