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    Question about calories for a cutting diet?

    Now, i'm probably going to get flamed for this but...

    The cutting sticky mentions nothing of the amount of calories to consume, and in the end that's what it comes down to, if you're eating more calories than you consume you're not going to lose weight I beleive.
    My question is this, most would tell you that about 10-12x your body weight in calories is about right. Now, I'm not sure how to account for this with the presence of a cheat meal/day. Say for instance you are eating about 12times your body weight per day in calories for one week. Then on you're cheat day you eat about 20 times your body weight in calories. Wouldn't that 20 times your body weight in calories average out on the other days calorie's therefore making your daily calorie intake for the WEEK about 14 times you're body weight?
    For example

    150 pound person, would eat about 1800 calories per day at 12 x there body weight for 6 days of the week. Then on there cheat day they might eat about 3000 calories right? There for if they ate 1800 x 6 days of the week + 3000 for one day of the week that means they ate a total = 13800 calories for the week. This total divided by 7 days of the week give you your TRUE calorie daily intake and that is more like 2000 calories per day, which is ACTUALLY 13.4 times the person's body weight per day in calories. Get what I'm saying?

    So should I actually eat LESS than the 10-12 x my body weight in calories per day and then "balance" it out on the cheat day? THANKS!

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    I suggest you make a plan, post the totals and we can go from there...i don't get into all this 12x body weight bla bla bla...

    Not flaming you bro, its just i don't follow what you are saying and there are easier ways to handle this.

    Post your stats, your approach w/ total Kcals etc....

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    i think it should be based on your BMR

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