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Thread: cycle diet

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    cycle diet

    hey guys

    just got a quick one on nutrition...currently on a test e 500mg per week and dbol cycle.....i just started today....anyways if i am eating at least 4,000 cals a day and i get in around 300grams of protein(i am 150lbs)....does it matter where all the cals come i eat tuna, and chicken, checkin usually 2 pieces a day...but my diet also consists of like bagels, milk and egg protein shakes, regular protein shakes, potatoes, yogurt, veggues, protein bars, etc

    am i alright with this stuff, or do i absolutely need to concentrate more on eating things like chicken, etc

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    lol im not telling :D
    easy on milk and yogurts doo some research there are some enzymatic problems that can come from then in mass consumption.. always try to get atleast fat or carbs w/ your protein to sustaine the protein absorbtion..
    and check out the stickys
    yuck dbol

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