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    Try Posting this Here

    Well Here I GO!!!!????!!!!!


    Allright guys,

    I got my gear today.... Let me re-phrase that. I got the gear I should have actually gotten in the first place. I will lay out my cycle plan, lets see what you guys think.

    Stats 6'3" 193lbs. (today)
    FF% 14% according to the measurments & calculations they did at my gym. I feel it's more like 17-19% but I'm pretty critical.

    Week 1-24 HGH 1.5 iu's daily working my way up to 3 or 4 iu's depending on sides.
    Week 1-10 Test E 400 mg week broken up into two injections,
    1cc Mon. & 1cc Thur.

    Starting in Week 3
    20 mg of Nolvadex & .5mg of Anastrzole (Alternating every other day)

    Starting in Week 5
    HCG every 1/2 cc every 4 days
    I have 10000 iu's, will mix 2.5cc of Bacteriostatic Water

    I have also had my bloodwork done. I wish I had brought it to work with me tonight, I would have posted the results. I can tell you my test levels were around 345. (Low side of scale.) My cholesterol good & bad were in good shape. As well as my liver function. I will use these levels as a base scale post cycle. Although I'm not sure how long after my cycle to get the bloodwork done again. I have a blood pressure monitor to take daily readings & make sure that it stays in check. My diet has been very clean. I still have some work to do thought to get to the 300 grams of protein mark. I've been running about 260 a day latley.
    From an earlier purchace I have 20 ml of Deca & 20 ml of Winny. I first came to the site after this purchace & looking for answers on how to run those two compounds. After researching I've decided to go with the consensus of this board & run a test only cycle. I can always use those next time with test.

    I will post my diet below. I know it could be better I am working a few things out right now. I work in the Petrochemical industry as a QA/QC Coordinator. Right now we are in the middle of first quarter shutdowns. Keep in mind that I am working 7 days a week 13 hours a day. It's hard to get my weight training, cardio, nutrition, & rest just right. Guess I will just have to deal. Also, my company puts me up in a hotel when I am working out of town as I am now. All I have is a small fridge and a microwave. No stove, oven, freezer, etc… I realize that these are all just excuses, but 91 hours a week seems like a pretty good excuse all on it’s own. Did I mention I am working night shift? 5:00 pm to 6:00 am. Keep this in mind when you start flaming my diet.
    Here is my diet from yesterday.

    4:00 p.m. wake-up
    4 eggs hard boiled 2 whites 2 whole
    Bagel w/ butter
    Better Boost Protein Drink

    7:00 pm
    6 oz tuna
    6 oz salmon
    Better Boost Protein Drink

    10:45 pm
    4 oz chicken breast
    ½ cup rice
    Better Boost Protein Drink

    12:00 am to 12:30 am. TAKE NAP

    2:00 am
    Fat Free Yogurt
    Better Boost Protein Drink

    5:00 am
    4 oz chicken breast
    6 oz salmon
    Better Boost Protein Drink

    7:00 am
    Workout 5days a week
    Weight Train. Mon. Wed. & Fri. 1hr
    Cardio Tue. & Thur. 40 min.

    8:00 am
    Albacore Steak
    Better Boost Protein Drink

    Total Calories-2784: Carbs-330g: Protein-239g: Fat 45g

    Showered & in bed by 9:00 or 9: 30 am
    Up again at 4:00 pm.

    I drink at least 2 liters of water daily & try to drink 3.
    I talked two other guys that I work with into starting to workout with me. That was the middle of January. They did not make it to St. Valentine’s Day before they gave up altogether. I don’t think I have a lack of dedication, just a lack of time. Any quick & easy meal ideas are greatly appreciated.

    As far as the Winny & Deca, like a said at the top. I am definetly going to wait until next cycle to do either of those.

    Can you break down more specifically how you would run the HCG?
    Any other comments or questions are also welcome.
    Thanks again everyone.

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    Bro, some good info here on HCG Hcg usage - 250iu ED throughout cycle? check it out

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    Quote Originally Posted by seanw

    Thanx bro definetly helps

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