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    Please Critique My Diet Plan

    I am 5'8" and approximately 215lbs. I have recently rejoined a gym. I worked out alot in the past, but in recent years I have slacked off tremendously. I have gotten to be about 20-22% BF. Most people still see me as being pretty muscular, but I wear dress clothes and suits alot. I have to go on a business trip on July 21 of this year. We are holding a conference at a beach resort and there are several hot females that I work with that will be there. Plus if I can get my BF% to around 10%, I would like to start using AS. I know how to work out, but I am not sure about my diet:

    7:00am- Pro42 Bar
    9:30am- 2 Salmon Fillets
    12:00pm- 2 Chicken Breast with salad greens
    3:30pm- Workout/Cardio (MWF)
    PWO- Pro42 Bar and Ultra Fuel MWF
    7:00pm- Tuna

    This comes out to be aproximately:

    2198 cals
    240g Pro
    176g carbs
    55g Fat

    Do you think that this diet looks OK? Is it possible to get the results that I am seeking by the July 21 deadline? Please Help. Any info would be greatly appreciated.

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    Check the cutting sticky atop the page for a good general guide that will greatly improve what you have just offered.


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    lol im not telling :D
    if you get down to down to 10% by then you get my props.. dropping more than 2%BF a month = DEATH

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    Read the cutting stickie and then come back here and we can nail down a diet but sorry to tell you that getting to 10% BF by July is not gonna happen just as you did'nt get to 22% BF over a 4 month period.

    You can come a long way in 4 months no doubt about it and you should be happy with the results, that is if you put in the work that is required.

    Cardio is absolutely necessary and should be performed 5-7x a week in the AM (empty stomach) and at your target HR. If you don't think you have the time to do AM cardio, MAKE the time.

    Its all about consistency, think of it this way, we consistently ate **** all these years and of course the body you talk about is the result, now lets go the opposite direction and eat a sound diet (cutting stickie) lift regularly and you will reach your goal.

    When it gets tough (and it will) you got to ask yourself "How bad do i want this"?

    I speak from experience, i was 250+ back in August and i am now 210lbs and more muscular than ever because i took the effort to research the cutting stickie and various topics/foods and of course had tons of help from the bros on here when i needed help. Study, study and study......and if you get stuck, simply post it on here and we will get you going again.

    Shoot for 2-3lbs a week as anymore will more than likely be from lost muscle.

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    That's some sound advice from ninja. There are alot of people on here that have gotten in great shape using the cutting diet sticky at the top of the diet section. I was a pudgy 190 a year ago coming back from a severly injured I'm a cut 200lbs...the cutting and clean bulk outlines on this site work perfect if you're dedicated.

    Good Luck

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