Vitamin B-complex Multi-Vitamin
First of all It wouldn’t be a bad idea to go for a good vitamin B-complex, sense these elements along with minerals are the reason your body consumes and uses all the protein and carbohydrate you eat. Vitamin B1 or (THIAMIN) is required to release the energy from all the carbohydrates you consume, and help with the maintenance of nerves throughout the body which, come under extreme presser during training. This B-vitamin cannot be produced by the body it’s self so supplementation is advisable. Vitamin B2 or (RIBOFLAVIN), this is essential for the release of amino acids, and digestion of fat, so if burning fat and metabolising more protein is your goal this B-vitamin will do more than help. Next we come to Vitamin C or (ASCORBIC ACID), over looked by many, but is also essential for growth. This vitamin is required in the assistance to create the connective tissue that the hole body is bonded together with, it also helps to eliminate water from under the skin helping you look leaner when your body fat is low. Strengthening the immune system, preventing colds,detoxifying the body, Vitamin C is quite an all rounder. Along with the B complex, Vitamin C is water soluble this means it would be wise to take them regularly with meals, because when you pass water you will not just pass water, but you will also loos these vitamins.
make sure you get the maximum out of you diet.