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    CLEN and cardio?

    Here's an interesting question. Optimal cardio for fat burning should be 65-70 percent of your max heart rate for an extended period of time I beleive. When I take clenbuterol however, my heart rate is automatically raised to 65-70 percent of the max. Does that mean, that if I perform cardio after ingesting clen , I'll be in "optimal" fat burning for the cardio??? Like my heart rate will already be elevated, and will the calories burnt then be most likely to be fat, regardless if im lightly walking, or jogging? Just as long as my heart rate stays in that range?

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    If your heart rate is in that range on clen , I'd quit taking clen before you have a heart attack!

    Sitting around "on" clen is not going to be the same as cardio, no.


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    Swole, I'm 22 years old, which means my heart rate should be somewhere around 200 for a max if I'm correct? Clen raises it from about 75 bpm to about 120 bpm.... this is bad? I was told that clen is supposed to raise your body temp/ heart rate to make you more metabolically active?
    Also I think there may be some misunderstanding with my question. When I'm sitting down im not going to burning calories even if my heart rate is going fast. What I was asking was, Normally "walking" doesn't get my heart rate up to the 65% range, but if I'm on clen i am at that range. Does that mean I can perform walking as cardio with clen, and assuming I walk for a longer time obviously, still get the same fat burning effect as if I were to be running without the clen?
    For example

    Scenario 1- WITH CLEN, Heart rate is at 65% and I walk for 1.5 hrs burning say 500 calories


    Scenario 2- Without clen, heart rate is at 65% because of jogging for say 30 minutes and I burn 500 calories.

    See what I'm saying? Like are those two scenarios "equal" even though my heart rate in the first one is only elevated because of the clen, I am still burning the same amount of calories?

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    lol im not telling :D
    ughh.. clen
    its some ruff shyt i had almost equiv results w/ eca.. unless you have enuff Clen to go past 8 weeks for the anabolic ?or androgenic ? effects of it... which is fine as long as your pumping benadryl every 3rd week to phosphilate your beta 2 recepts...
    but i did cardio while on clen.. and im still alive...

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