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Thread: Diet Question

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    Diet Question

    Ok I got some questions for you guys. Im trying to bulk up some and im looking to follow a good diet to help me out. I have been somewhat doing one now, but im not really sure what to eat when to eat...
    First off, I get up anywhere between 8-9 everyday, I usually get something to eat then head to the gym and begin my workout. I see a lot of guys who eat a few meals before they go to the gym but in my case, I have time for 1 meal. Is that good only to eat one meal before, If so what should I eat before working out? Right now I eat 1 cup of oatmeal, 2 egg whites and usually 2 scoops of ON Whey protein.

    Then after im done working out, I usually drink another 2 scoops of protein. Should I also eating somethin, if so how long after Im done working out?

    Is that fine how I do that, or should I try to eat more before I head to the gym.

    Well thats some of the questions I have now, after I get some answers to those I have some other questions about what other foods I should eat.


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    take a look at the stickies atop this forum, but i will answer your questions.
    i think it is better to eat more meals before you workout if you can. but in your case meal 1 should be fine while bulking
    after you workout you should be taking in a 2:1 ratio of dextrose and whey.
    then an hour later you should have a meal consisting of a lean protein and a complex carb like brown rice or yams

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    yes... its all in the stikies Check it out...

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