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    Need help adding food

    *8 am* PRO/CARB
    8 eggwhites omlet
    1 cup oatmeal

    *10-11 am* PRO/FAT
    8 oz Lean ground beef
    baby spinach
    2 String cheeses or baby cheeses

    *12:30 pm* PRO/CARB
    12 oz chicken breast
    2 baked potatoes

    1:30 LIFT

    *2:30 pm* PRO/CARB PWO
    60g shake w/ maltodextrin

    *3:30 pm* PRO/FAT
    Can of tuna
    1tbsp mayo
    1tbsp flax oil
    Romain lettuce

    *5:30 pm* PRO/CARB
    12 oz Chicken breast
    1 cup rice

    *7:30 pm* PRO/FAT
    8 oz Lean ground beef
    2 tbsp Peanut butter

    *9:30 pm*
    what should i eat?

    *10:30-11:00 pm* PRO/FAT
    40g shake
    flax oil

    Thats the diet you guys help me come up with before... but its not coming up to enough cals... what should i add to 9:30 cause around an hour after the lean ground beef and carrots and PB i get a little hungry. Thx guys

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    bro you can add any pro/fat in there but swap your meals at 3:30 and 5:30 and wait until 6:30 instead of eating at 5:30/ if you are going to eat at 10:30 then you don't need a meal at 9:30.
    are you cutting or bulking?
    make sure you wait at least 2 hours to eat after a pro/fat meal and 2.5-3 hours after a pro/carb meal

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    bulking bro...

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