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    Scotty, beam me up

    How to tweak around this?

    Saturday I got a cold, I had it until yesterday. But 2 days ago I got some ****ing stomach disease and I have been naseous and had horrible dihareea now for the third day. So I have been eating like 1500kcal tops the last week and Im flat, smal and totaly drained of all energy(the **** constant dihareea has drained me of all minerals to my feet was cramping upp all god **** night). Today Im starting to get better I think. Should I allow myself eat a bit more for 2-3 days to recoup or should I just take my regular eating day and then go ahead with the diet like normal?

    Im just afraid this week with so little food might have lowered my metabolism and maby a few days of more decently clean kcal would counter that

    Now Im gonna have to Rant a bit
    **** AM I SIC OF BEEING SIC. Cant wait until I move into my own place again so I dont have to be constatly around 2 small children filled with every god **** disgusting diseased this world has ever seen. I am NEVER sic when I live alone, NEVER but since new years I have been sic 6 ****ing times and 3 of those where stomach diseased and I HATE HATE HATE HATE to puke, I HATE HATE HATE it, god **** living around small children while cutting is ****ign suicide
    Gosh did that feel good

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    i wouldnt force myself to eat(cuz if the stomach is irritated the food wont get absorbed not 100% but pretty sure) just eat whenever u feel like it
    good luck

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