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Thread: when to eat

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    when to eat

    alright so the cutting sticky only has 6 meals, but everyone says to eat every 2 hrs...

    so, therefore the cutting sticky would only work for someone who's on a 12/hr day right?

    therefore if someone who is up for say 18 hrs, should they eat 9 times a day?

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    You should eat every 2-3 hours......... doesn't necessarily have to be every 2hours....

    So, to make it fair

    Meal 1 - 7am
    Meal 2 - 10am
    Meal 3 - 1pm
    Meal 4 - 4pm
    Meal 5 - 7pm
    Meal 6 - 10pm

    This isn't a guideline, just a way to split it up hour wise...

    BTW, if you're up 18 hours a day, you're not sleeping nearly enough.....

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    i think blown took care of that

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