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Thread: cutting

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    hey, i'm 5'9 170lbs 11% bf 25 years old. I wish to have much lower bf. ihave done a few bulking cycles but gained alot of fat w/the muscle. I have droped to 170 being on the atkins diet. so i'm now sensitive to carbs. what kind of diet should i be on with this cycle. how much protein/carbs/fat/calories. P.S i gain weight easily. also i tried a low cal(2000) diet with a different cutting cycle and seen very little anabolic effects.
    test prop 100mg ed weeks 1-12
    tren 75mg ed weeks 1-8
    winny 50mg ed weeks 8-12

    please help me get ripped

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    I'd get on a diet/protocol that works for your body w/out gear first, and find what works for you. Then I'd take the gear into consideration if/when you need it, because gear w/out knowing what diet works for you, is a waste.

    I'd read the cutting sticky atop this page for a good general guide as well.


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