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    (weight loss Info Needed) / Cutting critique

    This is a long read but any help would be much appreciated.

    In 2001 I broke 3 vertebras in my neck racing MX. After a year of rehab and sitting around I plumped up to 260lbs (Iím 6í4). From 220. My B/F jumped to 26.%. From what I donít know.

    About a year ago I got serious about losing the extra weight. I started working out running 5 to 6 days a week (Probably to much) I did loss a little weight but not what I was shooting for.

    I started working out with some bodybuilder guys at the gym who suggested Winy to help me drop and cut. I did buy some but never used it, I started researching it on line Ė witch is how I found this site and other.

    Well after reading up on other peoples workout and cardio routines I changed/ modified mine and started losing weight (with out drugs) I was down to 235 and looking better. Than it happened, I started going back up. Iím 251 as of this morning. Itís not all bad I have lowered my BF to 15%. But now Iím looking to cut maybe 15/20lbs. And this is the diet comes in.

    Question is, whatís the best way to do this? Iím 34 years old and donít need to bench
    350 any more so some strength losses is ok. This is the plan Ė Please feel free to offer up any and all advice.

    - Morning Ė
    - Get Up straight to gym Ė Light weights (High Reps) & 30/45min cardio (140bpm)
    - POW Shake w/ half Peanut butter sandwich on pita bread.

    - Snack 1 Ė
    - That other half of the sandwich.

    - Lunch Ė
    - Chicken Breast (Maybe Tuna) / Salad.

    - Snack 2-
    - Banana
    - Protein Shake

    - Dinner Ė
    Some kind of lean meat (Fish/Steak/Chicken) and Steamed Veggies

    Total Cal count (around) 2000 day
    Protein (around) 200
    Carbís (around) ??? what ever is in the 1 Pita

    Now Iím adding Clen after my morning workout to help drop some extra weight.


    P.S. These forums are not the problem, with out the advice I received from the I would be doing steroids and doing them the wrong way! So a major thanks to all.
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