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    Calorie increase after cutting

    I read an article about a guy who cut on 2000 kcal and then jumped right into 3200 with a 50 gram increment of carbs a week until he felt comfortable. Is this ok to do for mass gains. I know that if I jump right into higher calories with 200-300 g of carbs I will gain fat but can I ramp up the fat and protein and go from 2200 to 3200 in one day and then slowly (each week) subtract a little fat and add 50 or so grams of carbs. I eat fat and protein all day and then 2 carb meals at night after workout. I am down to 178 from 206 and I am feeling very skinny. My bf is not quite where I want it but **** do I want more mass before I go on a serious cut. The propblem is that skin and **** in the lower area where I used to be 285 pounds and over weight my entire life. Some help please, you guys rule.

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    IMO a drastic jump. I would ease your body into something like that. 1200 calories in one week is a lot. Who does 2000 cal anyway? thats very low.

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    I am almost 6 foot at around 178 or so, is that too low for cutting. I do have a 6000 calories cheat day a week. Never got my BF measured but guess it is around 12-13. Only fat is in the lower ab area and I wonder if it is skin or fat sometimes (4mer 285 pounder)

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    Quote Originally Posted by dr.shred
    Who does 2000 cal anyway? thats very low.
    I usualy have to go down to around 1800-2000kcal to lose weight and Im 5'11 and most often around 220 when begining the diet. at around 2400kcal/day I dont lose weight but gain strenght and 3000+ and I get fat. Guess some of us has ****ed upp metabolism

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