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Thread: Spaghetti

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    I just read Excellent info on nutrition. BTW If you havent read it yet read it NOW! Awesome post. He says Spaghetti, white to have a glycemic index of 59... Anything below 70 is considered low... Why isnt anyone having some Spaghetti with chicken as a pro/carb meal.. I might be totally missing something and asking a dumb question lol

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    Not dumb at all Just partially informed...

    ...the GI is very deceptive and you shouldn't look at it on its own as it is not very useful. There are many factors to consider, such as:

    1. combining foods lowers the GI. Combine a high GI carb with a good portion of lean protein and some (<10g) healthy fats and the GI is drastically reduced. Don't forget that the GI is measured when you eat something a) in a fasted state and b) with no other food in the same meal
    2. GI is not the only measurement. There is also (and some say even more importantly) the GL - glycemic load. Spaghetti may have a low GI (some white spaghetti can be as low as 30) but the GL is always above 25! Generally you want something under 15, so 25 is very high.
    3. There is also the II (insulin index) but I do not know where spaghetti ranks. You need to consider all these factors together.

    As I have seen stated so many times as an example: a snickers bar has a GI of 41 and GL of 14.8, doesn't make it good carb source. A baked potato has a GI of 94 and GL of 17 but it a brilliant carb source.


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    D@mn , I got excited for a second there

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    lol im not telling :D
    Quote Originally Posted by bor
    D@mn , I got excited for a second there
    lol yeah the GI is a complicated bioch so i just stick w/ lean protein and dirt..
    dirt is good fiber slows down the protein absorbtion greatly
    i use gravel on non training days.

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    Pasta also has gluten in it which tends to bloat most and lend a thick skinned appearance. (much like processed breads and milk)


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