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    Is Muscle Soreness & Protein Intake Related?

    I was thinking, wouldn't your muscles be sore for less days depending if you get adequate or more than adequate protein intake on the days following? Your muscle is sore because of microscopic tears, sufficient protein will help rebuild those less soreness. Am I right?

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    That makes sense for sure.

    Dont know if it was just all in my head but last time I trained legs my workout was actually less intense than usual, I had a few problems with stuff to sort out in my life and at the time and my diet really suffered because of it. I got hardly any protein compared to usual. But while this was happening and I wasnt consuming as much protein I did notice my legs were sore for a lot longer than usual. When normally they would be sore for about 2 days after max, but instead it was more like a week.

    Obviously since my diet got that bad I decided not to train since I would probably retain more muscle that way. Hoping to get back into things soon looks like my life will be sorted out soon.

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    you are correct

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