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    Refeed duration while cutting

    I have messed around alot for the past 2 years with cheating, refeeds,etc. From what I have found, if you are a fat mess 20%>, You can have a refeed 1 day every 7-9 days. Tack on 500 calories to your mait. level and times your body weight by 2.2 in carbs and keep the fat down and protein at 1x on this day. If you are around 12-15% BF you can do this about every 4 days. If you are below 10%, congrats, and refeed every 3 days. All of these findings are from a STRICT diet with every meal in place, eating 11 times bodyweight and carbs set at .5 my body weight ONLY in my PWO meals. I set my fat consumption for day at around .75 my weight. I lost around 1 1/2 pounds a week with this while gaining strength. THIS IS NOT FOR THE CKD PEOPLE. I tried that once and I had a HUGE cheat day every 6 days and still lost almost 2 pounds a week. Right now I have a HUGE refeed every 6-7 days with about 7000 calories and 1000 or so carbs. It is about 80% clean food and a couple of crap foods. Still losing 1 1/2 a week. I could not pull this off when I was 17% fat but at around 13 it seems ok. Cheat days are not needed if you live every day like its your last. Be healthy and put carbs in when needed and things will be cool. Most people just need refeeds and cheats for metal stability. I have a buddy that has NO refeeds or cheat but has a big pancake after his workout 5 times a week. The days he does not lift he has only P/F meals. He is RIPPED. He said he would rather have the carbs in the 6 hour window that his body need them. When he bulks he adds a Huge bowl of oats 4 hours prior to lifting, cutting he takes that out and cuts kcal. to 13x weight.

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    Whats a refeed?

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    What's a rusty trombone?
    Quote Originally Posted by kingmike1974
    All of these findings are from a STRICT diet with every meal in place, eating 11 times bodyweight
    You eat over 2,000 pounds of food per day?

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