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    Can too much EFA's lower test

    I have been getting all 80 grams of my fat each day from Flax,Fish and Saff. oils. I have had no saturated fat for 3 days. Can this have a negative effect of my testtosterone? I used to have 1 oz. of mozz. cheese a day and 5 eggs for breakfast along with the EFA's. Also. Is it ok to have a brak once a week from carbs and eat things like chicken wings and hamburger all day with 0 carbs?

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    I would never go without saturated fat.... you need to get some incorporated back into your diet. There is such a thing as over-doing EFA's.

    As for one day a week eating wings, etc.... that is perfectly fine.

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    If I am getting propor amounts of PWO carbs to replenish, can I indorporate the cheat, or high saturated fat and protein day with zero carbs for the final 4 or so weeks of my cut. I am getting about 100 pwo carbs right now. I am almost 6 foot 176 right now. Want to lose about 4 more pounds of fat.

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    Too much of a good thing is always a bad thing.

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