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    bulking diet critique please

    hi guys could you just take a look at this
    im 6'3 and 210lbs
    trying to bulk

    meal 1 160g oats, 40g protien shake, 10g glutamine, multivits
    100g carbs, 50g protien, 10g glutamine

    meal 2 2 tins tuna, two slices toast
    30g carbs, 76g protien

    meal 3 2 chicken breasts, 150g brown rice
    50g protien, 100g carbs

    meal 4 steak 2 slices bread
    30g carbs, 30g protien

    meal 5 pre WO
    20g protien shake, simple carbs 40g, 5 grams glutamine
    carbs 40, protien 20, glutamine 5

    meal 6 PWO
    52g protien, 90g carbs, 10g glutamine

    meal 7
    2 breast chicken and sauce
    40g protien, 20 g fat

    meal 8
    20 protien shake

    in all 340g carbs, 328 and around 50g fats (from efa's) 2872kcals

    do i need more cals? due to my hieght and weight?

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    lol im not telling :D
    cut out toasts and breads and incorp better EFA's

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