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Thread: How's It Look?

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    How's It Look?

    How's this daily meal plan look:

    6:00am - 3 whole eggs with cheese, 1 protein shake (2 scoops with milk)

    11:00am - 1 can of tuna. lots of milk.

    1:00pm - tuna with rice and cheese. lots of milk.

    4:00 pm Preworkout meal - Chicken Appetizer and 2 margaritas at Chili's

    7:00 pm Postworkout meal- Protein shake with olive oil.

    9:30pm spam with pancakes and 2 cake doughnuts.

    What do I need to work on?

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    Youve got to be kidding me....are you trying to bulk? I sure hope so with that the bulking sticky cause that meal plan looks horrid.

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    nothin like good old spam and pancakes before bed. :spudnik6:

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kimura

    What do I need to work on?
    You need to work on being serious, and not cluttering the diet board here w/your childish b.s.

    Thread closed.

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