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Thread: The Bodygem..

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    The Bodygem..

    anyone heard of this device that measures your oxygen consumption and what not, then gives you the EXACT amount of calories you burn at a resting heart rate throughout the day. i know the caluculation to get this number, but supposedly that caluculation could be off by as much as 700cals sometimes. well i am able to get one for $700. they usually go for $1700. what do you guys think?

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    $700 for that?

    Not from my pocketbook!


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    I dont see why you would need it... if your cutting and nothing happening just lower your cals some more...
    if money is no problem it might be cool to play with??

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    I believe you can go any place that offers healthtech testing. The fee is about $50-60. My gym offers the service for that price. I wouldn't pay $1700 nor 700 for that. Maybe go to the Healthtech website and find a facility that offers the service.

    Good Luck.

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    Unless youv got money to blow dont go for it

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