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    Lean mass sticky tweek???how

    This is a great diet for lean mass..but i wanted to know what i can replace meal 2 3 and 4 with... i cannot stand tuna anymore.. i know is great for you but what can i replace it with?? also whats a good replacement for the egg salad in meal 3?? thanks

    7:45 250 ml of egg whites
    2 small tortillas, mushrooms, fat free cheese & salsa
    1 English muffin with no sugar added jam & peanut butter
    15 gm of whey protein
    25 gm of oatmeal

    10:15 1 1/2 can of tuna
    15 ml of flax seed oil

    12:45 8 eggs & green onion & light mayo (makes an egg salad)
    3 pieces of whole-wheat bread w/ ham
    1 banana
    15 gm of whey protein
    1 yogurt

    3:15 1 1/2 can of tuna
    15 ml of flax seed oil

    5:15 120 gm of steak
    20 gm of whey protein
    50 gm of carrots
    5 ml of flax seed oil

    1 HOUR TRAINING START 6:00PM to 7:00PM

    7:15 60 gm of whey
    5 rice cakes (caramel flavored)
    1 apple
    2.5 ml of flaxseed oil

    9:30 125 gm of cottage cheese
    15 gm of whey protein
    1 no sugar added fat free yogurt

    TOTAL CARBS: 300 GM – 1200 calories
    TOTAL PROTEIN 320 GM – 1280 calories
    APPROX TOTAL FAT: 63 GM – 567 calories
    TOTAL CALORIES: 3047 calories per day

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    That's actually not a very sound approach at all. (fats in the pwo offering, breads everywhere, pb with muffins, etc)

    I'd check the "how to bulk" post atop the page that is stuck w/red letters and says "IMPORTANT". I believe it can help you.


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