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Thread: How is this

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    How is this

    in the sticky for the cutting diet(these numbers arent exact my comps to slow to go back n get exact numbers) but it says for a cutting diet u should get something like 300 grams of protein n 150 carbs, if this is a cutting diet wat the hell is a bulking diet, i mean i weight 193 pounds, ideal weight is 200-205 but i wanna have a cut up look, not overly bulky, wouls this be a good diet, my workout looks like this

    Monday- chest/cardio
    Tuesday- Cardio abs
    wed- back cardio
    thurs- cardio abs
    friday- shoulders tris abs
    sat- legs/bi/ basketball

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    Try the bulking diet to get bigger. IMO its easier to cut down than bulk up. Get to a weight about 5-10lbs bigger than you want and then cut back 5lbs of fat.

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