Hey folks I'm going to start my first cutting diet soon and I have all the ingredients food wise and know the schedule I'd like to be on so was going to see if y'all could suggest what I should be doing. I'm 6'3 at 230lbs right now. I've got my chicken, tuna, b. rice, green beans and broccoli, peanut butter, egg whites, oatmeal, and my supplements (whey, glutamine) I'm going to start my cardio at 8am and get my first meal shortly after that at 9am. My question is should I be going in 3 hour increments after that? Do I do Pro/Carb, Pro/fat alternating from 9 o'clock? I also train around 5pm or so. Is training that late going to be a problem while I'm cutting? Thanks for any and all help!