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    Scotty, beam me up

    GI method vs separation when bulking

    When bulking do you guys still seperate carbs and fat?? or do you just make sure that the gi is so low that it realy isnt dangerous(like with adding seeds, drinking apel cider vinegar, lots of fibrous veggies ect)???

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    I seperate as I know it's what is best for myself.


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    Same here, I always strive to split them up.

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    I still believe that if you are having complex, low GI carbs then you do not need to be anal about fat content, meaning you should not worry if you are getting in around 10-12g of healthy fats. Obviously I do not suggest purposefully mixing them, but there is no need to limit your meals so much due to fat content. For example if you have a piece of fatty fish which has lets say 10g of very healthy fish fats, you shouldn't force yourself to make it a P/F meal, and having something like brown rice, sweet potato etc. with it is fine.

    It is when your fats are the unhealthy kind and/or the carbs high GI that you should start becoming anal

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